Family Life Center Plans


Our Vision:

Beth Eden Baptist Church has been blessed with a vision to enhance its ability to service the Lord Jesus Christ through the construction of its Educational Building / Family Life Center.

The Church pledges to maintain excellence in programs and facilities that improve the overall quality of life, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially.

Beth Eden Baptist Church will enrich and unite its community through the building of its Family Life Center with programs and activiities that uplift the excellence of Christian Education.

Our dream is to provide an improved and expanded physical facility. In other words, a bigger and better "church home" that would provide "living and growing" space for our growing church family. It would provide more effective and useful ministry space for our congregation, our ministry staff, and our community.

These needs include the following:

- A Family Life Center for church-wide fellowship experiences, youth activities, food service, planned recreation, drama presentations and other events.

- Educational and recreational space to meet the needs of our children and youth ministries as well as the adult Sunday School requirements and senior adult support programs.

- Facilities for meetings, seminars and community support programs such as scouting, meals for community oureach program, after-school child-care, assistance to the disadvantaged, substance abuse recovery, literacy training and family crisis.

- Music Center to provide adequate rehearsal space for our adults, youth and children's choirs, as well as space for for robes and storage of music and musical instruments.

- Library to provide for the study, devotional and research needs of our education program and resource centers adequate for the storageof education supplies and equipment.

-Chapel to preserve our worship tradition and accommodate needds ranging from individuals at prayer to small weddings and funerals.

- Handicap accessible facilities with appropriate ramps, handrails, restrooms and doors that would include rather than exclude.

- Nursery facilities not only space adequate, but of high quality to mete the needs of a growing 21st century church family and to provide appropriate care-giver ratios.

-Commercial kitchen providing multiple use for culinary crew.

The great opportunity facing Beth Eden Baptist Church is to match our abundance with the cost of the ministries we want to offer. We must match our financial stewardship to the cost of our grand vision. We are limited only by our imagination and the ability to pay for our dreams.

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